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IWOCP Fall Board Meeting – Story City, IA – 21-Oct-17


The meeting was called to order at 10:07 a.m.

Patti Iverson said the opening prayer.

The meeting was conducted by Mary Ann Hoerstman.

Roll call:
Boone China Decorators – 4

Dubuque Porcelain Artists - 6
Brush and Palette – 2 associate members

Humboldt China Painters - 7
Carroll Porcelain Artists – 1

Mississippi River Bend – 2
China Painters Gallery – 1

Nishna Valley china Dolls – 2
Creston Area Porcelain Painters – 2

Prairie Painters – 3
Des Moines China Decorators – 5

Sioux City China Painters – 2
(Plus one unidentified late comer)
Total members present: 38

The secretary’s report was read by Isabelle Kirkendall. Pat Berry motioned to pass, Kathy Lewis seconded, motion passed.

The treasurer’s report was read by Darlene Kaufmann. She also read a message from Mary Shipp. According to the message, the Omaha Convention made a profit of $2718.75 for the state of Iowa, which means $18.75 per member. On Friday, the dues for the museum were collected, and a check for $182 sent to the World Museum in Oklahoma City. The report was motioned to pass by Donna Wobig, seconded by Christal Arthur, motion passed.

Mary Ann Hoerstman then brought up some old business. This included the 2017 Convention Report by Paige Lukens-Gray, who was unable to attend the meeting.


Following was Sandy Gooken’s report on the Iowa State Fair, which enjoyed record attendance. The Porcelain Art division had 49 entries with 184 items to show. They had demos each day, and Jeanie Leyda was the show judge. The Best of Show honors went to Jane Wright.

Ann Lukensmeyer reported on the World show in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Judith Waechter let everyone know that after the Omaha show, 2 pieces by Beverly Moss had gone missing. Mary Ann Hoerstman replied that she had received several boxes of items, and she thought the missing pieces might be in them. She will check and let Beverly know.

The 2017/18 Membership booklets and cards were handed out to the different clubs.

Mary Ann Hoerstman gave the Report on the 2018 convention, which will be a multi-state show in Dubuque. The other states participating will be Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and North Dakota. The convention will be held at the Grand River Resort and hotel, on April 26, 27 and 28, 2018.

The guest artists will be Ann Zitterkopf, Texas, Beatriz Ramirez, Florida, and Randy Wollet, Wisconsin. There will be paint-alongs with these artists on Thursday and Friday, and in addition numerous demos throughout the show. Ann Zitterkopf will be painting violets, and Beatriz Ramirez will do a beautiful pendant with pre-fired pieces. Seating is limited, so register early!

Wisconsin is organizing the Thursday night dinner, which is themed “Polka Party Dinner”. There will be lively music, and dressing up for this occasion in your dirndl or polka outfit is strongly encouraged! The theme for Friday night is “Downton Abbey Dinner”. There will be live music and entertainment, and dressing for the occasion – meeting Lord and Lady Grantham, as well as the Dowager duchess - is also strongly encouraged!

Terry Mozena gave a short presentation on Dressing for Downton, which includes the staff as well as the family. The Dubuque Porcelain Artists attending this meeting were all dressed as Downton Abbey staff. She also is in charge of the food, and mentioned that there will be a “Café Palette” on the vendor floor, with places to sit, snacks, and the possibility of a pre-ordered box lunch for Friday. Although she did not go into details about the dinner, she mentioned that Mrs. Padmore and Daisy have been making some items to be part of the table decorations. There will be a live auction for the centerpieces.

Saturday morning breakfast is being organized by the Illinois clubs, and the theme is “April in Paris”. It will feature an extended continental breakfast.

Mary Ann also added that the Dubuque Porcelain Artist applied for, and were awarded, a grant for $1500 by Mediacom, to be used for the guest artist expenditures. Premier Bank is a sponsor, with a $1000 donation, and Barb and Wally Brown donated $500.

On Thursday morning, there will be a special trolley ride to the Victorian home of Terry and Darryl Mozena, which is beautifully decorated and has many of the original features of a 1895 “Painted Lady”. If there is time, a short tour of downtown Dubuque will be included. This is for the painters who have a special interest in antiques, and were unable to get into the Beatriz Ramirez paint-along. The trolley ride costs $ 25 and is limited to 28, so book early!

Donna Guy’s daughter, Deb Greiner, has donated three wonderful pieces to the convention. One of them is a large tile of a lady sipping tea in a café, done in lusters, and this will be a special featured silent auction item, presented on a table with a tribute to Donna, who has fallen ill, but is admired as a true Iowa artist. 

Isabelle Kirkendall spoke about the silent auctions, which will be going on both Thursday and Friday, ending at 4:30, and asking the clubs to donate quality items to these events. These can be antique pieces, teacher’s pieces, or other wonderful items for china painters.


The raffle will feature some beautiful items by the guest artists and teachers, and some donated by members, including a table with a rose top, painted by Terry Mozena.

Kelly Mallory was unable to attend the meeting and could not give the report on the 2019 Convention.

May Ann stressed the need for someone to step forward and take over the presidency for 2020.

We then moved into new business.

Mary Ann proposed adding Standing Rule 26 to our book. This rule would guide the incoming presidents as to when the IRS Form 990-N needs to be filed, avoids us loosing not-for- profit status, and clarifies the process for the future. It shall read:

IRS Form 990-N shall be filed as soon after December 31st as practically possible by the president. The preferred filing month is January, but in no event shall it be later than May 15th . The president shall report at the Spring board meeting on whether Form 990-N has or has not been filed for the most recent calendar year.

Pat Skemp moved to approve, Sandy Waldemar seconded, motion passed.

Because many painters do not use the web site for updates, Mary Ann has decided to use conventional mail in order to reach more painters.

Mary Ann reminded everyone that the $5 fee, which has to be paid at the museum table, is used for the museum upkeep, and has to be collected at every convention.

She also enquired if anyone knows where the sign stands are, that were used at the last conventions. All thanked the Nishna Valley China Dolls for their lovely and original table decorations! Well done! The museum dues next year will be collected at the Friday Convention Board Meeting.

Darlene has to pay three requests for money, Kathy Lewis made the motion to approve, Sandy Gooken seconded, motion passed.

The Spring Board Meeting will be March 24th at Story City.

Isabelle made the motion to adjourn, Kathy Lewis seconded, meeting adjourns.

The meeting was followed by a lunch, served by the Downton Abbey staff.

The program was by Isabelle Kirkendall, a demonstration of how to paint a gingerbread tray, and how to make your own house into a gingerbread house.

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