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WOCP Museum Competition Rules

2018 Upper Midwest Regional Porcelain Art Show

All china presented for WOCP Museum selection must meet the following criteria: 

  • Size should be 16-inches or less.

  • An Official Museum Competition Release Form must accompany each winning piece. This form must be clearly filled in and signed by the artist. If an artist is not attending but sending a piece with another club member, the accompanying release form should be completed and sent along with the piece.

  • The piece must be signed.

  • It must be painted since the last convention.

  • The piece must be the Artist's own work and cannot be from a seminar. 

  • Pieces must be submitted prior to the competition set-up deadline (3:00 PM – Thursday, April 26).

  • Each state president must provide Minnesota with the name of a state coordinator whom they can contact. For this convention, the individual state museum coordinators are:  Illinois - TBD, Iowa - Kelly Mallory, Minnesota - Ruth Beardsley, North Dakota - Vida Klocke, and Wisconsin - TBD. The state coordinator is responsible for:

    • Making sure all winning pieces are picked up by 1:30 PM on Saturday, April 28th, 2018 for their state. Each state is responsible for shipping their wining pieces to the museum.

    • Providing individuals to sit with their display over the course of the convention.

    • Counting their state's ballots.



Voting Process


  • Only WOCP Members may vote.

  • Each ballot allows for up to 10 votes, but only one vote is allowed per piece. The ballot will not count if all votes are for the same piece.

  • Voting members are allowed to vote for pieces from each state, but each state’s competition is separate. 

  • Voting members must sign their ballot or it will not be counted.

  • Voting ends at 3:00 PM on Friday. Each state is responsible for counting their own state's ballots as soon as voting is over. The winners will be revealed at the Friday night banquet.

  • Members will be asked to show their WOCP card when given a ballot. However, if the card is unavailable, signing the ballot will constitute concurrence they are a WOCP member.



Junior Competition

Fee of $1.00 per youth must be paid to the individual state. This entitles them to an Honorary WOCP State Membership Card. Individual states must collect the fee and provide the membership card. They will not be members of a club and may not attend State Club Meetings unless the State Clubs vote to have the youth members attend. A ribbon or certificate will be presented to each participant. 


  • Work must be original and the work of the artist. 

  • Voting will be for the following age groups:  6 to 8, 9 to 12, and 13 to 17 years. 

  • Younger painters may display their work, but only the age groups indicated above are eligible to compete.

  • WOCP will accept ONLY three pieces per state, one from each age group, to be shipped to the Museum with the regular State Display.

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