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IWOCP Spring Board Meeting – Story City, IA – 25-Mar-17


The meeting was called to order by President, Paige Lukens-Gray.

Opening prayer was offered by Christal Arthur.


  • Boone China Painters...3

  • Brush and Palette...4

  • Carroll Porcelain Artists...3

  • China Painters’ Gallery...5

  • Creston Area Porcelain Painters...6

  • Des Moines China Decorators...10

  • Dubuque Porcelain Artists...5

  • Humboldt China Painters...2

  • Mississippi River Bend...3

  • Nishna Valley China Dolls...3

  • Prairie Painters...2

  • Sioux City China Painters...1

  • Starlight China Decorators...4 + 1 guest

  • Storm Lake Porcelain Artists...0


Total Members Present:  51 + 1 guest



Minutes from the Oct. 2016 were read and approved.


TREASURER REPORT:  Paige for Mary Shipp

The treasurers’ report revealed a balance of $2,009.65.  Expenses were listed as $50.00, $370.83 for Board Lunch, $80.00, postage $98.00, deposited $60.46, $802.00.


Discussion on State Dues:  I has been suggested that the dues need to increased to off set the expenses of the world organization.  Currently dues are $40.00 with $ 5.00 going to the national organization.  A motion was made by Jane Wright and seconded by Kathy Lewis that the dues be raised to $50.00 with $10.00 going to the world organization.  The motion passed. See By Laws - Standing Rule Update below for additional support changes.



Convention Report: It was reported that the convention plans are going well.  Iowa is in charge of vendors, workshops, demos, a raffle piece, silent auction baskets, door prizes (six to eight videos and popcorn), and the Convention Book. 


  • Door Prizes: Chrystal will handle the door prizes, which is part of a give away during the Awards Banquet. 

  • Swag Bags: If you have anything you would like to donate to the Swag Bags, the swag bags will be assembled on Wednesday, April 19th.  Please meet at the hotel registration area to put these bags together at 6:00 p.m.

  • Workshops: We need a few volunteers to assist in setting up the Workshop rooms. Please contact Paige if you can help.

  • Demonstrations: Nancy Kemp is chairman for the Demonstration workers.  This includes selling demo tickets, booth sitters, demo hostesses.  She needs about 24 volunteers.

  • Convention Hotel: Our hotel has under gone a name change; it is now Hotel R.L. by Red Lion.  Suite upgrades are free.  It has been difficult getting through to the hotel since the change.   If you have trouble, please call Paige as she can iron out the problems with Lori Nelson, our hotel/hospitality coordinator.

  • Cub Silent Auction Baskets: Each club needs to bring/send a raffle basket. The basket does not have to contain porcelain, just conform to a movie theme.  

  • State Raffle Piece: The Iowa WOCP convention raffle piece was painted by Jeanie Leyda; it is a lovely country scene with cows.  A booth sitter is needed to sell raffle tickets. 

  • IWOCP Booth: We decided at the Fall Board Meeting not to do a regular fundraiser, but to get a booth and sell remaining items from past fundraisers and other donated items. Ann Lukensmeyer volunteered to be chairman. We will need volunteers to sit in the booth. Please contact Ann if you can assist.

  • State Display: The chairman is Lil Jeppesen and there will be eight foot tables for Iowa's display. Each person is responsible for their own pieces. Lil has created a centerpiece for our display as well as name tags to be filled out on site. We were reminded that no display pieces will be released early. If you cannot remain for the duration of the show, you must make other arrangements for your items.

  • Museum Competition: Wisconsin is in charge of coordinating the museum competition tables...Iowa has four tables.  Chairman, Kelly Mallory will need booth sitters, so please consider donating your time at the Museum Competition booth. WOCP has asked us to think about the size of our pieces.  Every one was encouraged to enter.

  • Vendors: Chairman Judith Wachter reported that we have over 80 tables required between displays, vendors, and silent auction baskets.  So far 27 vendors are coming.

  • Convention Hotel Commitments: 240 room night are reserved and we need to hit 70% of this number by April 10.  Room reservations are $99.00.  We have a $10,000.00 food and beverage minimum before we have any profit.  PLEASE - We all need to support our organization!

By Laws - Standing Rule Update: Standing Rule #16, Section A, currently states that our dues are $36.00...$5.00 is kept by the state.  This is no longer correct as WOCP dues were raised to $40.00 at the 2015 World Show. We voted earlier that this amount be raised to $50.00; with $40.00 to go to WOCP and $10.00 retained by the state.  A motion was made by Mary Ann Hoerstmann and seconded by Judy Gile to update the Standing Rules.  The motion carried.



2018 Convention Report: The Convention has the theme of "Inspire! Dream! Create!"  It will be held at the Grand River Center in Dubuque.  Guest artists are Randy Wollett, Beatriz Rameriz, Ann Zitterkoff.  Dates will be April 26, 27 and 28th, 2018. Rooms will be available at the Grand Harbor Hotel which is attached to the Grand River Center.


The display will include the largest English teapot.  It is 37” tall and was made about 1890 in England.  There is another teapot like it in a museum.


Contests will include: 

  • Teapots, Teapots, Teapots

  • Whatever Stirs Your Fancy

  • Calling All Holidays

  • Futuristic Imagining.


2017 WOCP World Show: The 2017 World Show will be Sept. 25-30, 2017.  This money supports the museum in Oklahoma City.  Delegates are Jane Wright and Paige will be the alternate.  We need another delegate and that will be decided at the coming board meeting at the 2017 convention in Omaha.  


Jane Wright reminded the group of the IPAT show in Miami, Florida on August 13-18, 2017.  


Fundraising for WOCP: We talked about ways we can donate money to our organization. We are one of the few states who still make a per-member donation to the Museum each year. We also discussed the cost to the Museum of shipping our museum winners back to us and how we could offset that expense for the Museum.  After discussion, Nancy Fry made a motion, seconded by Tamera Stepanek to charge a $5.00 PER PEICE entrance fee for each piece entered into the museum competition. The monies collected will be donated to WOCP to help defray postage costs in returning pieces to our state.  This DOES NOT eliminate the $2.00 donation by club members to the museum each year.  


Starlight Club Update: It was announced that Starlight Club is dissolving and going to combine with the Des Moines China Decorators.


State Fair 101: Sandy Gookin discussed the coming State Fair.  She covered fair entries, cost, regulations and entry tags.  She encouraged everyone to enter and to demonstrate.


A motion to adjourn was made by Jane Wright and seconded by Judith Wachter.  The meeting was adjourned.



Submitted by Recording Secretary,

Judy Gile

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